How to switch from Hotmail to Outlook

Microsoft create the email with the idea to migrate towards it, gradually, to all Hotmail users. To help them decide, has a very striking appearance and, according to Microsoft, with significant improvements in relation to safety.

Users wanting and doing step Hotmail simply must and know how to switch from Hotmail to Outlook:

switch from Hotmail to Outlook

  • Open your Hotmail account.
  • Go to the Options menu and select Upgrade to Outlook, and then click Update to Outlook.
  • Ready! Hotmail account has been upgraded to

It is important to remember that change does not imply automatically changed to To change the email to by you must make, when outlook login:

  • Click the Settings icon and select More mail settings.
  • Go to Administer your account and click Change the name of your email address (it is likely to require input to the account).
  • Done! Account already migrated to

To upgrade your account contacts, photos and Office documents in SkyDrive that the user had in Hotmail, will be transferred to the new ID (within a few days), being automatically added to On the other hand, to enable Read More…

How to create a signature in outlook mail

In known to be of great importance for many have a very elegant presentation in our emails and that’s why we chose to use our signature if you used earlier in and for some reason beyond your will now you no longer appears, can this day get the details to do so very quickly.

Steps to put a signature in our post

signature outlook

The first thing to do is outlook login, when you’re done looking wheel gear as the top right, which is always right next to our name on the account, then select “More configuration options mail “and looking for the option” Create signature and message outlook“.

When you get up here has the option to add your name, your company name, contact details or your website if that’s how you want it, this will give a little more personality to our emails, there to take into account that you can choose the font type which gives us the opportunity to give a little more style to our account.

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Enjoy Outlook 2014.